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Gulf Shores
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

7-7-13 RMB Glory in a Common Moment

7-7-13 RMB Glory in a Common Moment
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
Schedules at work are shifting to accommodate comings and goings. A new marketing person comes aboard. My friend stays on part time to assist with sales…and help keep me sane or at least on an even keel.
I do what I can. I show up. I am praised, but there is so much more to do and my contribution so insignificant. If I were more focused, if I worked more hours, if I…had the answers, then significance would be evident…to me.
In the jigsaw puzzle of life, the pieces change shape and the picture transforms itself. What fits today, might not fit another day. Over and over we hear it is the journey, not the destination, that matters most. Yet, we journey on keeping score, as if there is a magic number to reach, a perfection to attain.
You mention, in your books, fitting square pegs in round holes, or vice versa.
Have you found the place where everything fits as it should, snug and warm? Does anyone ever find that place? I don’t think so because, if they did, things would change and then the pieces would no longer fit.
There are moments of perfection, some within us, some in the view of someone or something else, a sunset, a butterfly passing by, a puppy at play, the sight of a person you love, some moments are glorious. Every once in a while everything fits perfectly for a fraction of a second or a moment or a day. And all the rest of the time, we are left with finding the perfection in the imperfect, the glory in a common moment.
It is there. It is in the second glance that most won’t take. It is within reach of those that reach further. It can be shared. It can be nurtured, until others see it or feel it too.
Listen to the language of the wind, feel the softness of a flower petal or the energy of the sun as it warms your face or the beat of a song, strong enough to dance with your heart, or see the colors of sunrise awaken the colors in our world, watch everything turn from dark, to grey, to multicolored, and allow yourself, in that moment, to be content, to be perfect, to fit.
This, finding where we fit, if only in an instant, it is possible, and to be the best that we can be, I think some form of this, necessary. So, I remind myself to reach for it.

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