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Gulf Shores
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

7-8-13 RMB Games We Play

7-8-13 RMB Games We Play 

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Writing and walking have been added to reading as my personal addictions. I’ve often heard how reading keeps some awake nights when they are caught up in a good book. One gentlemen posted on the internet that you had kept him awake several nights, each time he picked up a new book you’d written that he couldn’t put down until he reached the end.

Reading does the opposite for me, puts me at peace and eases me quickly into slumber. So, instead of reading at night, I carry a book and find nooks and crannies in my day to read. When going out to dinner with family they often banish my book from the car and insist I chat with them while we wait for a table. I like that they do that, although, if they didn’t, I would be reading. Funny, if I didn’t attempt to read, I am sure I would be able to sit in silence while we wait. Interesting, the games we play.

Writing keeps me awake and wakes me up. Walking helps me make it through the day, helps me feel complete, as though I have done something with my day. Interesting the things we are attached to, addicted to, and how they assist…or harm us. What do we gravitate to and why?

And to who, or is it whom, we gravitate to, that is a whole ‘nother subject. Forgive me for veering off course a bit, into my own cosmos…I am enjoying reading Bingo and have found some phrases and some insights, particularly moving. In the next few letters, I will get out of my own head and back into some serious RMB commentary…well, as serious as one can be who writes letters such as these. 



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