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Gulf Shores
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Sunday, November 23, 2014

4/5/14 RMB Goodall Caring

4/5/14 RMB Goodall Caring

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

A friend’s Facebook post reminds me that 4/3/14 was Jane Goodall’s 80th birthday. Sweet. That prompted me, of course, to look her up and I read about the controversy she faced for naming the animals she researched. Apparently numbering them is the acceptable scientific methodology. Names sound logical and more fun to me. What I also found interesting is the uproar it causes when we do things differently.

This all took place on a day when I have been dealing with my own research of sorts, trying to decipher three contrary boys, contributing my bit as auntie to their development as productive members of society. Each have unique skills, yet continuously compare themselves to one another, rather than learning from, or better yet, admiring each other's abilities. Each tests limits, including dips into their own dark sides, as I search out ways to teach them of the light that shines inside of them and in the world we share.

What did I learn from Jane? That an important factor of any research is caring for your subjects. Beyond what we learn or teach, perhaps it is the caring that holds the greatest impact of all in our progress towards bettering our universe.


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