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Gulf Shores
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Saturday, November 22, 2014

4/3/14 RMB Time

4/3/14 RMB Time

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

I noticed that on April 1st you were the featured speaker at a fundraiser for the Virginia Commonwealth University called the Monroe Scholars Book and Author Luncheon. Nice. Your continued participation in your community and various causes is noble and appreciated.  

Tonight our Writer’s Circle met. We toss out topics and do ten minute writings on the agreed upon topic or whatever comes to mind when pen touches down on paper. Tonight the topic was Time…write anything you want about time in ten minutes or less. I’ll share my Ten Minute writing of Time with you below your letter.

Best of times to you,


“Time to get ready for school.” Mom said.

“Time’s up” the host of the game informed all contestants.

Time marches on and in our tomorrow we will find the fruits of what we have planted today. Time is neither friend nor foe. It asks nothing and gives nothing. Everyone has all they need, yet often complain there is not enough. Some try to hold on to it, to shape it, stretch it or expand it. Yet it marches on in equal measure, showing no preference and no prejudice.

It is not strong nor weak, it is deliberate and all encompassing, leaving no stone unturned, no life left unlived.

It is a tool to be polished and cared for, so that one might look at the time spent and consider it spent well, that we may take joy in the result of times past and look forward to the future shaped by the time in which we now stand.

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