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Gulf Shores
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Saturday, November 8, 2014

3/12/14 RMB Ant Chatting

3/12/14 RMB Ant Chatting

Dear Rita Mae Brown,
Today filled with activity, especially at work, people and books, conversations and correspondences a plenty. Once outdoors, walking off the day, I mused at all that transpired. I took an extra deep breath, letting it out along with the day’s stresses.

My favorite interaction occurred between my boss and the Pastor’s dog. Maria is dog sitting Shelby for her Pastor. Shelby rushed into the office delighted to meet new faces with new scents. In our boss’s office, she was more excited that a person was offering her treats than in the treats themselves. With her she brought a wagging tail and relief to a tense day.

As I walked, the Rainbow Bear Light Dancer-Ten Bears message came to me. Those are messages that I have started sending to a friend with a bear Indian guide, Rainbow Bear Light Dancer, from my Indian guide, Ten Bears. It’s a kind of “thought for today” thing. I plan on posting them on the blog, but have not yet found the perfect way to do so. I really like this one, so I’m including it here to thank you for being a part of this life’s conversation.

All my best,

Kind and Patient Rainbow Bear Light Dancer,
If a traveler stops to rest in the forest and has a conversation with an ant, what wonders would the traveler learn? Would the ant be grander for the exchange?

If the traveler and the one met in the forest were both ants, would they hold a conversation at all, or simply fall into step with one another, working their tasks as is their habit?

And if a human traveler met another human on the path, would they both stop to chat? Or would they simply fall into step with one another, working their tasks as is their habit?

And we think ourselves superior and wise.

Remind us with your words and your smiles Rainbow Bear Light Dancer, to stop and visit awhile, to exchange our wisdom, to make one another grander than we would otherwise be.
Your companion on all your travels,
Your wonderful friend Ten Bears

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