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Gulf Shores
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Saturday, November 29, 2014

11/29/14 RMB Thanksgiving 2014

11/29/14 RMB Thanksgiving 2014

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Two days ago, on Thanksgiving afternoon, Teddy and I pulled into the long private drive of a friend’s home. Friends of twenty years shared hugs and then I was introduced to our hostess, and others, as a family of friends arrived, over a dozen in all. Two white felines welcomed me and quickly made themselves scarce as the rooms filled.

Food was aplenty. Salad and pie recipes were shared. Secret ingredients were revealed. Teddy welcomed me into her home and then into her world, her friendships and their stories.

Entering a sacred place where philosophies and possibilities are explored, resulted in an extraordinary experience. Topics that some study for lifetimes surfaced and there was an easiness that is rare among two, let alone in the presence of over a dozen souls from all walks of life.
Being greeted with “I know you” from a new-old friend, and then a warm embrace from a lighthearted, joyful pal, were two memorable moments.

The following day, I celebrated your birthday with a drive through a National Park and more visits, complete with accompanying hugs. Happy belated Birthday to you!

Next weekend my family will gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, when traffic, and other obligations, will be lighter. We’ll chat, decorate, eat, drink and be merry with a toast to Thanksgiving. As I reflect on this year’s day of Thanks, it is apparent that the date on the calendar matters not. The years, the connections, the laughter and the joy, those matter. Thankfulness matters.

Thankfully yours,


PS. Word of caution, mixing Yahtzee and margaritas can be tricky…and loads of fun!

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