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Gulf Shores
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Saturday, November 15, 2014

3/29/14 RMB Watching Words

3/29/14 RMB Watching Words

Dear Rita Mae Brown,
Friends gathered today for dinner at a restaurant new to most of us. Two of us had been there before and as one of them started to explain, we were going there because it was a favorite spot of the other and this gathering was for her. The friend telling me about the locale said she had to intentionally stop herself from qualifying the decision to go there. As though it was too fanatical, far out, hippy-ish to go to a vegetarian restaurant.
Perhaps this is why I think so highly of this friend, she listens to what we are saying and why we say things, even when she is the one doing the talking. Underneath our conscious, maybe even underneath our subconscious, sits an entity that judges, without reason, without thought, years ingrained, lifetimes of witnessed prejudice fester there. Societies mark, an ugly scar, inches in deeper and deeper, unless we are diligent in our awareness.
There was no need to qualify or apologize for taking us all outside our norm and sharing a new fun place, with great food I might add. Our thoughts can free us or box us in. Reverend Millie often said “Watch your thoughts, watch your words and watch your deed.” It is surprising and amazing what we see when we watch carefully.

Sharing mine with you,

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