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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

1/1/14 RMB Namaste

1/1/14 RMB Namaste

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Today I posted Teddy Tapscott’s New Year’s article on the blog.
She often signs off Namaste and when I asked for her interpretation of that, I liked her response:

“Namaste' means - I honor that place in you where Love resides.  When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me then we are ONE. If the time ever comes when we can recognize that place in one another and live there, then this will become a kinder, gentler world.  Here's hoping 2014 sets us on a path to that reality.”

I also inquired about what she has referred to as “Goddess studies”

“In brief, the Goddess, with her 1000 names, represents the Devine Feminine energy. She can be gentle and compassionate in her aspect of Kwan Yin or a fierce warrior as in Sekmet.  Kwan Yin is Hindu, Sekmet is Egyptian. The Goddess was worshipped as the Creator, long before God.  In the Pagan beliefs the Goddess is Creatrix and the Horned God or Green Man is her consort. To me they represent that Divine Love that is in each and everyone of us.”

This reminds me of the times that you have referred to our male dominated society as being relatively new in the big scheme of things.

These are small windows into another’s world, demonstrating how unique each of our experiences are. Each of us learn from and build upon the groundwork of what has been spoken and taught, adding our own flavor and impressions.

It is the hope with each New Year that we grow wiser. Sometimes it seems as though we travel in circles, ever in search of, but never reaching that wisdom. As a dog circles before resting in just the right spot, my hope is that we are nearing our best selves and, for now, we continue circling.

Happy 2014 RMB,


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