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Saturday, August 16, 2014

1/4/14 RMB What We Know

1/4/14 RMB What We Know

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Today was a Sensational Saturday. After finishing Gerri Hill’s One Summer Night, I wrote to her that she has addictive writing. Since picking up fiction, in addition to the Rita Mae Brown novels I am enjoying, I have read the majority of Gerri Hill’s twenty or so books in print. Each one held my attention and was a pleasure to read, the kind of book that one has trouble putting down. Some remind me of Alma Mater, love stories told well with a bit of intrigue as life’s twists and turns make “happy ever after” an elusive target.

The value of books that show alternate lifestyles is immeasurable. Hers do as yours have done, whether the main theme is a love story between two women or the mention of an interracial couple in the mix, seeing all people in our many shades and ways, reminds us that those people exist.

We protect what we love and we love what we know. ~Jacques Cousteau

I would like to say that it was not so long ago that books like these and their authors were challenged in ways too numerous to mention. Unfortunately, such challenges still occur daily all around the globe. Along with knowing one another, we must know of the many who face daily what we have overcome, lest we become complacent and lose the ground gained towards a better tomorrow.

Still reading,


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