Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

1/10/14 RMB More to this Life

1/10/14 RMB More to this Life

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Life is aflutter. Transitions and changes and adventures abound. My niece has flown to London to study acting in a USC overseas program. That is one of the neatest adventures happening right now. Another is getting to know a new friend and testing out my 6th sense on her.

Travel takes on numerous forms, from place to place, from time to time. Hearts make the journey to connect to one another and to cities an ocean away. How can a place visited for the first time have a feel of coming home? How can a brand new friend hold the presence of someone you have treasured for lifetimes?

These are the things I ponder as I fear that London might reclaim my niece and I reconnect with a friend I feel I’ve known for centuries. Strong pulls cause me to believe there is more to this life than this life. There is more to us than the sum of one lifetime’s days. And in this belief, I find hope for our potential, yet to be discovered.

Somewhat fascinated,


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