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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

3-3-13 RMB Intelligence

Dear Rita May Brown,
As I read Starting from Scratch: A Different Kind of Writers’ Manual  I am acutely aware of all the ways you suggest to improve one’s writing and how far off I am from proper form or any form for that matter. All I can say is that I will bear your direction in mind and do my best to lay down my words at a pleasantly readable caliber. 

I will recommend this book to others refining their writing skills, or language skills for that matter. You make great points and bring them about in such a down to earth, fun way.

I never considered learning Latin before. I am now.

“Never, ever, underestimate your readers. Everything you do registers.”  Yes!

Insights you may or may not care about…stuff I am beginning to grasp…I understand that you are a person full of passion, for life, for others, for animals, for history, for justice, for more than most are passive about. That must be obvious to anyone and admirable to boot. What might not be obvious is just how intelligent you are, not that your ARE intelligent. That is obvious.

I am referring to a level of intelligence reached by few and not recognized by most because it is a mystery to those unable to achieve it.  This is an enchanting and beguiling characteristic. Your sense of humor makes you accessible, where others at this level are unreachable, difficult to relate to. Unique to you is that you combine cerebral intelligence with emotional intelligence. There is something else too, what you gain from your relationships with animals and nature, “natural intelligence”? The combination of them all is enthralling. 

You spoke of knowing you had a sort of charisma. I think your intelligence is a part of that. People see in you something possible but rare, another level, a potentiality. Instinctively, we are drawn to it. 

On another note, you give more than you realize, more than a person can point at and say “There, that is her gift to us.” If a child is crying seven out of ten people will want to coddle it, sooth it or do whatever it takes to quiet the noise. Two out of ten will just go away so they can’t hear the whining. I can see you nudging the child along with a pat on the back or swat on the butt, saying “Hey! Get a hold of yourself and get going with your life.” 

Expand the vision of the child to be a nation. One method teaches that someone else will come along to make everything better; the least common method, draws upon the nation itself to be stronger, more confident, to be self reliant. You move us as individuals to better ourselves, as a nation to better our country. What an amazing gift!


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