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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

3-5-13 RMB Facebook
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
I joined Facebook today so I could checkout your Facebook page. I had done some poking around before I started writing these letters to see if there was already a forum for me to sing your praises, uh-hum I mean comment on your works. Recently a friend pointed out your Facebook page. After joining, I commented on a message from you. That is nice of you to send in messages.
Although you are inspiring me to take action now, I do have somewhat of a plan for my writing. Part of the plan all along has included creating a blog, joining Facebook, etc.  You are giving me the leg up I needed. Thank you.
Some years ago, wow-nearly twenty years ago, a coworker gave me a book for my birthday. When I thanked her, I said “If I ever wrote a book it would be in this style.” She asked what I meant by that and I explained my latent desire to write. Clippings started appearing on my desk, writer’s conference notices, author speaking engagements, writing courses…She was a good friend.
At that time I was Traffic Manager of a furniture store. I was scheduling deliveries and doing whatever else it took to keep furniture being furnished throughout southern California. Within a couple of years, being a writer seemed a possibility. I applied at every publishing house, literary agency and print shop in San Diego. I wanted to know what it meant to be a writer, about the business side of it. If I had to work, why not in a related field, right.
I landed a position with a small regional publisher and worked my way up to management. I have been there sixteen years now.  What I learned most of all is how difficult it is to be a writer and make a living at it. Friends and I formed a small Writer’s Circle ten years ago. I have a lot of support and encouragement to write in general, although only few know about these letters.
I mentioned to one of my sisters that I am ready to start posting some writing online. She was wary “All fiction right?” When I replied it would not all be fiction that was met with disapproval. Our society is so eager to suppress, to hide any real feelings, to temper thoughts shared.
That reminds me of the emphasis you place on the importance of being a writer. It is related to the importance of being. We write what we know; we are “being” who, how and what we know to “be”. What we know expands as we read; it is the writing that enables the reading and ultimately the expanse. I will choose my words with care.  
Knowing this will be a fun ride, doesn’t make it less scary, the one that prefers more to listen than to speak is speaking up. I suppose if I liked roller coaster rides, I would be on cloud nine.
Away we go,

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