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Gulf Shores
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2-26-13 RMB Weeping Cross

Dear Rita Mae Brown,
You may have caught on that I am a slow reader. Well not too terribly slow, but I work full time and have three young boys underfoot half of the week, so my reading is a page here and there, during lunch, before bed, etc.

Today a portion of the chapter “Weeping Cross” from Rita Will: Memoir of a Literary Rabble-Rouser took hold of me. “Work is Prayer. I prayed a lot.”  Man, I wish more people prayed as you do!

And even more noteworthy, “I no longer have any desire to control my life. I simply want to live in divine chaos. I trust I will. I have to trust you, too.  We aren’t going to get anywhere as individuals or as a nation if we don’t negotiate our differences with trust.”

It is those words, the last line, that draws me to you. Those words are among the truths that speak volumes, the ones we must keep alive.

You mentioned wanting to be a writer or the president when you were young. I would love to have had the opportunity to vote for you in a presidential election.

Take care,


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