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Gulf Shores
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Monday, May 20, 2013

3-16-13 RMB Rubyfruit Jungle Expectations
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
I started reading Rubyfruit Jungle today. Since it was written so early, I expected it to be choppy, less polished than your recent work. Yet even though I was expecting less from an earlier work, because I have read the reviews and already bought into the Rita Mae Brown hype, I thought I built this volume up in my mind to unattainable heights. It exceeds my expectations.
Once again, Rita Mae Brown delivers. 
Being in the midst of three young brothers who constantly argue and then ally themselves with one another, I was touched when Molly thinks “Leroy I love you” for sticking up for her. Then as his allegiance waivers only few lines later she thinks “Leroy you ain’t no friend of mine.”
The story in this book is captivating, drawing in the reader. It reminds me of the art of storytelling, in a non-written fashion. It reminds me of sitting around family when someone says “There was one time…” and a story begins. Or if it’s the family from down south in Alabama “I’ll tell you what, we were fit to be tied when….”
A pleasantly surprised, fit to be tied,

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