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Gulf Shores
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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

2/9/16 RMB Bubba

2/9/16 RMB Bubba

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

The first movie I can recall seeing in a theater was Mary Poppins with Julie Andrews.

The kids were entrusted to get there and back on our own, even though it would be dark by the movie’s end. The walk to the theater seemed quite long to me and I recall us walking along a train track at some point. My fuzzy memory may be making that part up.

One thing I am certain of, was that when my legs tired, my older brother hoisted me up on his shoulders and carried me, the highlight for me.

As many younger siblings do, I called him Bubba, because brother was too difficult to pronounce.

He called me Missy, short for Mosquito, because I bugged him. Yet he still carried me!

Today is his birthday.

Happy Birthday Bubba,

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