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Gulf Shores
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Sunday, February 21, 2016

2/21/16 RMB Loose Lips to Outfoxed

2/21/16 RMB Loose Lips to Outfoxed

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

I finished reading Loose Lips yesterday and my favorite line was nearly the last one, where little Nickel assures Juts that she will remember her, as will many who followed her story thanks to your entertaining books. The story was a fun ride with colorful characters and plenty of excitement. It marked a place in history, giving us a peak into another time.

I’ve already started my next RMB book, Outfoxed. It offers a view of fox hunting that only an insider can give. I applaud any who have the energy for such an adventure.

On the home front here, El Nino promised southern California rain and it delivered. The land is greener for it, flowers are blooming, and we are thankful.

Rumblings of the upcoming Presidential election pepper conversations. We must be careful what we ask for, sure of our motives, and kind in our actions. As we give we receive, so simple, yet apparently still an elusive concept to many. May goodness abound.

Wishing you well,


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