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Monday, February 29, 2016

2/29/16 RMB Learning to Drive

2/29/16 RMB Learning to Drive

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Dian Hughes, an accountant and a friend gone too soon, recommended that I watch Learning to Drive in one of our last working days together. It was during her final visit before her early departure from this life.

I requested the DVD from the Library. It arrived last week and I spent Saturday morning on a small couch in my bedroom watching it on the same computer screen that, letter by letter, spells out this communique, feet propped up and fresh coffee in hand. It stars the talented actors Patricia Clarkson and Ben Kingsley.

As the student, Patricia’s character, approaches her driving test with trepidation, Ben’s character assures her, “If you get nervous, just listen. You’ll hear my voice telling you what to do.”

At one point, towards the end, I had a fleeting thought of calling Dian to tell I watched it and that I agree. It is good. You know that instant when we forget and very sharply a pain swiftly enters with the realization that you can’t do that anymore. Ouch.

I am among those that claim we live on. I’ve felt the presence of loved ones from the “other side”. Even those that claim that isn’t so, will have a look in their eyes that indicates they too have felt their loved ones still with them in the here and now. Some truths exist, whether we understand them or not, whether we believe in them or not.

I will have to practice what I preach and watch more movies with her, while I’m still here and she rests in her new home, but together just the same.

In the film, when the student loses faith, she depends on her teacher for a connection to something more and tells him, “You are my religion.”

When the road gets rocky, if I listen, guidance will come. That is my religion.  

Sharing this life,

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