Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores
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Saturday, August 29, 2015

8/29/15 RMB Driving with Mrs. Murphy

8/29/15 RMB Driving with Mrs. Murphy

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Our southern California heat wave brought east county temps near 100 today. Fortunately for me, I had work to do. Attending meetings to stay up with the latest in the world of publishing sometimes requires traveling a couple of hours by car.

Today my dark blue car’s air conditioner felt sinfully good. Making the drive all the more pleasant was Murder on the Prowl as the story unfolded via the CD player. I’m nearing the end of the story and again you have managed to create a mystery that’s not easily solved.

Often, while watching mysteries with family, I can predict the course of events and the guilty party, garnering me the comment “you’re such a writer.” Yet with every Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie collaboration, the path to who done it has never been clear.

The twists and turns on the way to The End are equally intricate and interesting.

Still “reading”,


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