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Gulf Shores
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Sunday, August 23, 2015

8/23/15 RMB Ball Point Pen

8/23/15 RMB Ball Point Pen

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Somewhere in each of us there is a knowing that we are only complete when linked together. If suddenly solitary, would we be able to survive? Depending on the person, survival could last days or years. Shelter would be sought or made. Food of some sort would be gathered.

Given a handful of people, odds would improve, if they joined their collective strength and knowledge that is.

How many people would need to be present to create a ball point pen? Ah, here is where it gets tricky. I recently heard this example of our reliance on one another.
So, do we really need ball point pens? Consider them disappearing from any office setting, an amusing thought.

We have gathered to cater to our wants in addition to our needs. Better shelter and food is supplemented by pens and computer games. Yet we still struggle to get along. Do we resent needing each other? Or do we operate like a muscle, strengthening only when stretched to some limit?

Our forefathers were wise to know that it would take more than one leader to make our nation great, devising a system of government with checks and balances, merging minds. 
It is amusing to see the presidential candidates claim what they would do if they were president, as though the title is accompanied by a magic wand and our future were in their two hands alone.

Of note is that these leaders, who direct and order others about, often rely on a higher entity for guidance. And where do we go to connect to that higher entity? To those who remind us to treat others as we wish to be treated, to those who’s doors are always open, where we will find no walls, no division, no labels. For guidance we go to where we find peace and acceptance.

Our full potential may be found in bringing that full circle. When we are able to live by the teachings we claim to follow, perhaps the time and energy devoted to the struggle can be used for a better purpose.

Three cheers for the ball point pen,


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