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Saturday, September 5, 2015

9/4/15 RMB Dr. Wayne Dyer

9/4/15 RMB Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

He paced the stage, speaking carefully and articulately, his eyes and his voice reaching the farthest corners, to every audience member. It was a small venue with nearly every seat filled. The room was packed.

“You need to go to this.” My friend had said, the same friend that introduced me to Reverend Millie Landis’ Spiritualist Church. She bought the tickets and took me to see his talk.

Years have passed. The friend I once saw often has drifted away. Yet, she knew me, and beyond that, she knew the direction I was headed.

Somehow, she saw that I would read all his books, that my soul was hungry for all that lay before me in the paths she guided me towards.

Her insights were hard for me to grasp, because I was the me I was then and she was seeing the me I might one day be. Now I understand. And I am grateful.

Over two decades after I first saw him on that stage sharing his insights, on August 29th, 2015 Dr. Wayne Dyer went on to his next great adventure.

He often quoted works of others, from yesteryear to centuries of old, encouraged contemporaries to write their messages down and brought before us those who live exceptional lives despite incredible challenges.

It is my belief that he is speaking still, ever present and encouraging in a new, lighter form. And in a more solid way, his words will continue to teach. His place in time will forever be a link in the advancement of humanity.  

With gratitude,


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