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Gulf Shores
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Sunday, September 7, 2014

1/22/14 RMB Mike Dooley

1/22/14 RMB Mike Dooley

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Mike Dooley is fun. His website is He has a few books. Today I finished listening to the last one on CD.

He also sends out email messages from the Universe Monday through Friday, because I guess even the Universe needs a weekend. He believes in what ifs and how abouts. I discovered him because, after reading your letters, Teddy said I would like his books. She was right. I do.

I like that he is upbeat, even while contemplating all the things that can bring one down. I like that he is more about “who I am”, each one of us, rather than worrying about the other guy. If we are at our best, do our best, be our best, it must rub off, reflect, echo, or be catchy in some way, right?



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