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Gulf Shores
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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

1/19/14 RMB WE by TNT

1/19/14 RMB WE by TNT

Dear Rita Mae Brown,
Something interesting happens when you share your writing with people. They share theirs with you. Like being part of a club, privy to a secret handshake, one is shown a window to anothers heart. In the mix are gems to treasure. Here is a poem from Teddy, written years ago, but as applicable to today’s friendships as to those of yesteryear. I am honored that she was moved to send it to me and allow its inclusion here. I look forward to seeing her book of poems.

We're given gifts from time to time,
I am yours and you are mine.
Hand in hand, we'll ride the swell.
Where Life will take us none can tell.

We'll soar like eagles o'er the trees,
Warmed by Sun cooled by breeze.

We'll see the world through childlike eyes
Accepting truth, rejecting lies.

Spirit dwells within us all
Together we will heed her call

To be more than we thought we could.
She gave us WE and that is good.

~Teddy Norene Tapscott

I am yours and you are mine…see the world through childlike eyes, accepting truth, rejecting lies…


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