Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores
Photographer Patricia Gulick

Friday, June 12, 2015

6/12/15 RMB Common Loon

6/12/15 RMB Common Loon

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

This morning a common loon sat on the beach of Gulf Shores, Alabama, as siblings searched for seashells. He rose, hobbled and fell back to the sand in a huff, once, twice, three times. One of my older sisters and a brother went to investigate, to see if perhaps his legs were tangled in something.

The large bird looked their way, but they feared they would scare him if they got any closer. Instead they called the wildlife rescue service and sent them a photo of the bird.

The rescue service suspect the storm had swooped up the bird and carried it to the rougher coastal side of our little strip of vacation land. If it could be transported to the calmer Little Lagoon directly north a half mile from us, on the firmer land and in smoother waters, it would be just fine. The soft beach sand was tripping up our loon.

The sister that has a way with animals made friends, offered water and chatted with him for a while. When it came time to transport him, she wisely held his large beak closed as he was put in an open container.

Once on harder ground near the water, he stretched his wings and took off.

Not having been present for the release, I asked, “Did he say thank you?” She laughed, but I said I was serious. “Did he turn around to look at you before he left?”

“Yes, yes he did” she recalled, picturing his look. Although she elaborated it seemed more like a “I guess this is goodbye” kind of look.



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