Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores
Photographer Patricia Gulick

Thursday, June 18, 2015

6/15/18 RMB Bright Spots

6/15/18 RMB Bright Spots

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

In the span of a couple of days words of murder and mayhem bombard me, from television shows, books, social media, and the nightly news. Is our entertainment the dissecting of evil and distress or the overcoming it?

We live in a world where, by one form or another, lives are ended or burdened. Here and there are bright spots, the smell of roses growing in the garden, babies at play, a happy dog prancing about.

If life is ours to determine by what we focus on, how can we focus only on the good, if the rest surrounds us. And, as my good friend would point out, if we turn away, who will bring the light to those who suffer?

We fight the same types of wars our ancestors fought and suffer the same trials. I long to see more progress with more energy put towards bettering our position, by strengthening each other’s hearts while supporting each other’s endeavors. 

Is this an impossible dream? What would make peace the ultimate prize? Does our greatest foe, live within us? Something tells me, as I struggle to contain my own frustrations, that once we unlock our individual peace, then we will find it collectively.



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