Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores
Photographer Patricia Gulick

Sunday, June 28, 2015

6/28/15 RMB Baby Goat

6/28/15 RMB Baby Goat

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

On a warm desert day, Teddy took me to Pioneer Town. She parked her car behind a guardrail, two wooden posts supporting a third. It looked like something from a western movie where a cowboy could swing the reins of his four legged companion, looping them around a couple of times, before he ventured into town. Touching it as I passed, it felt like history. 

We walked down the dusty main street, browsing shops and visiting with her friend at the pottery store. The shop that sold goat soap, amongst other sundries, had goats out front. Teddy has an undeniable need to converse with every animal she encounters. Their damp noses lifted in greeting.

“It’s time to load them up and take ‘em home.” The owner said, as she held a baby goat for Teddy to pet. The lady paused before walking away. “Do you want to carry this one to the truck?” The baby was about as big as a smallish to medium sized dog.

Teddy’s eyes widened, “Oh, I’d love to.” So the little one was handed over. Teddy, joined by another goat on a short rope and the owner, walked to a nearby truck. The full grown goat joined others in a pen in the back.

“He goes in front with me.” A man said pointing to the little one, who was reluctantly relinquished. We said goodbye to all the goats and the owners too.

Three days ago, threatened by the nearby fire, Pioneer Town was under a voluntary evacuation. Photos, showing the Pioneer Town sign, with flames dangerously close, brought our goat friends to mind.

Since then the evacuation has been lifted. The fire is 50% contained. And I hope that the little one, who rode up front in the truck, is safe and sound. All my best to the people and other critters too, with many thanks to our firefighters.

All my best,


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