Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores
Photographer Patricia Gulick

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

4/15/15 RMB Be Bold

4/15/15 RMB Be Bold

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

On my way to work yesterday, I had an interesting intersecting of lives.

Loud music, loud enough to hear over the hum of my car and through my closed window, serenaded me from my left, through the wide open window of a car a bit further back in its lane than I was in mine. It drew my attention away from my own speakers, where Billy Crystal was narrating his life story. I touched the power button and silenced Billy. Then rolled down my window.

The song held the rhythm of a mariachi tune with the soul of a bold, aging crooner streaming out through the lyrics. The vehicle was large, shining crimson red, a Ford Explorer maybe, with just a minor dent or two, a show of character. The bandana on the driver’s head was to catch sweat during a hard day’s work, not meant to make a fashion statement. His dark skin indicated his heritage and his muscular face shared years of hard work.

In that moment, I wanted to know that man, to hear his story. I could see his determination and hear his heart beat in the strumming of guitars, as the singer sang for him, and me. The light changed and his car moved passed mine, on its way to a very different destination than mine, for we are all unique and no two paths are the same.

I know, wherever he goes, he will leave an impression. He bolstered my own will to face my own day’s adventure with boldness.

Onward and boldly so,


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