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Gulf Shores
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Thursday, February 5, 2015

2/5/15 RMB Raising the Bar

2/5/15 RMB Raising the Bar

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

To everything there is a process, actually an infinity of them. Every individual will accomplish tasks in a unique way. Try as we may to be uniform, to establish and refine our optimum functionality, each heart beats of its own volition. 

Athletes once competed in the High Jump by leaping over the bar as a runner would a hurdle. Creative individuals turned their back to the bar and seemingly slid over it backwards, literally raising the bar of height expectations. Others caught on that they too could improve their performance by mirroring the new technique. 

Open minds see possibilities that others overlook. And once one mind is open, a new path is tread. One individual can light the way by showing others their vision. John Lennon sang Imagine and all who heard, did. We are adaptable, flexible creatures. 

As I map out my own path, working to morph my life into a writer’s life, I piece together minutes in hours, past and future, often struggling with the results they contain, looking for something more or something better. The footprints left behind me will not mirror the ones yet to be cast. Of that I am certain. 

There is a better, kinder tomorrow for us all, awaiting discovery. And when finding my own contribution frustrates me, my desert friend Teddy Tapscott reminds me that it is the place within where everything begins. Find peace or joy or kindness there, and it will spread through one life into others.

All my best,


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