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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2/24/15 RMB Pay Dirt

2/24/15 RMB Pay Dirt

Dear Rita May Brown,

Today I took a break from work and left the building for lunch. My breaks are rare these days. Business is good, almost too good. I’m learning I need to literally “take” a break once in a while, because it will not ever be a good time for a break and there won’t be a break in the work load, just more work, until late at night sometimes. 

As I sat to a healthy salad, part of trying to re-lose I-won’t-tell-you-how-many of the pounds I put back on of the 60 I lost, I opened Pay Dirt for the last time. Today in the midst of crazy busy-ness, I enjoyed the last chapter of Harry, Mrs. Murphy and Tucker in their 4th mystery together. 

Like gathering with friends for coffee, I was transported into their world, allowed to escape from my own, and returned to my desk a calmer, more content soul.

This is what amazes me about writing. Shortly before it’s publication in 1995, you sat with pen in hand and crafted this story that went to press and became the book I held today. Words written twenty years ago, helped me find peace in today’s moments.

“If you could have any super power, what would it be?”, a young student asked recently.

“To write better. I think writing is a legitimate super power because anyone who has ever changed the world for the better has done so through words or through another’s telling of their story. Words are intrinsically linked to the process of making our world a better place.”

What I overlooked in that response, is that writing can do more than bettering our world and mankind. It can carry comfort from decade to decade, person to person, touching moments with a smile, a surprise ending or an insight. Writing is a super power because it can do grand things, and amazingly, it can also do minor things in grand ways.

Up, up and away,


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