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Saturday, February 28, 2015

2/26/15 RMB Beauty of a Woman Blogfest 2015

2/26/15 RMB Beauty of a Woman Blogfest 2015

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Jennifer Redmond relayed me an invitation to join in the Beauty of a Woman BlogFest IV! In its fourth year of existence bloggers join to celebrate, consider and enlighten us about the beauty of a woman. After reading several entries I am impressed by the many angles explored of this one subject on this blog  

I wonder, what, if anything I might add.

Perhaps, as one born half and half, not blond and blue eyed, nor a brown eyed brunette, but exactly 50% of each, a lighter left side and darker right side, I have a chip on my shoulder. The blue eye turned brown in infancy and is an unnoticeable shade lighter brown than the other brown eye. The hair merged some in childhood and now both blond and brown morph into grey. But still. Am I biased, prejudiced even on the meaning of beauty? 

When put to the task of writing specifically about the Beauty of Women, one element stands out. It is strength. The kind of strength that enables a woman to give birth or to persevere through any hardship. It is the ability to carry joy to levels reaching beyond exhaustion and relish life. 

In a broader sense, the beauty I admire most is the sort contained in a smile; the glow from one's caring glance; a gentleness of touch that transfers energy, a healing life force with the barest of touches; or the joy shared in the fiercest of hugs.

Pure beauty is beyond the physical, beyond female or male, human, flora, fauna, earth and sky. It may be in the essence of a being, a time, a place, an action or intention. It might be in the energy that surrounds us or that is us.

Picture a puppy at play, a bird in flight, a loved one's smile, a child's hug, a flower blooming, there, that is beauty.

Shine on,


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