Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores
Photographer Patricia Gulick

Thursday, June 9, 2016

6/8/16 RMB Entire Orchards

6/8/16 RMB Entire Orchards

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

These days there is a vast gap between what I wish to accomplish and what gets done. The distance twixt the two grows fractionally slimmer day by day, a good trend though, moving closer inch by inch.

Like a soup, the recipe of our lives is adjusted to taste. All too often it is easier to take what’s tried and tested, than to branch out into new flavors and textures. So we start with a little more, or less, salt, or pepper. Maybe take just one cup and add something red, a pepper or tomato, careful not to mar the whole pot.

This is all we hold, but not all we have. Yet what we hold, we take great care to protect, even when it is not the best for us, even when there is better out there.

We have an entire Universe and more, the past, the future, and now, everyone and everything. Still we concentrate on only what is in our grasp, the house, the job, the people, always careful not to rock the applecart, unconscious of the entire orchards beckoning to be explored.

It’s a good day to try a new apple, maybe a honeycrisp or gala.



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