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Friday, June 10, 2016

6/10/16 RMB Cameron and Tolle

6/10/16 RMB Cameron and Tolle

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

While my next RMB book, Claws and Effect, waits patiently for me to return to it, I’ve been indulging in Julia Cameron’s Right to Write. I recommend it for any writers, aspiring or seasoned, and for anyone keen on creativity for that matter. She brings the imagination, and what blocks or derails it, down to earth. Each short chapter ends with tools to put one on the path to progress.

This isn’t a “consider this” type of read. It is a “do this and see where it takes you” type of book. Multiple means of discovering potential are offered with her sage advice.   

Last night at dusk the air was cool for a southern California June evening. Before returning Julia’s book to the library, I walked around the block of city government buildings, passing the fire station, the police station, the bus stop, the Post Office, and City Hall, reading Eckhart Tolle’s Guardians of Being: Spiritual Teachings from our Dogs and Cats.  

Patrick McDonnell’s illustrations illuminated Eckhart Tolle’s words. There is something about seeing a dog at play that touches the heart in a place beyond where words can reach. This collaboration is superb. I am a richer person for having read this book.

Happily reading along,

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