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Gulf Shores
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Sunday, May 15, 2016

5/14/16 RMB Thoroughly Modern Millie

5/14/16 RMB Thoroughly Modern Millie

Dear Rita Mae Brown,
It is a cool spring day in the San Diego area. I took a break from my should-do’s and need-to-do’s to spend the morning with Julie Andrews in Thoroughly Modern Millie. It’s a wonderful film.

She is a superb actress, but more than that, a fine person. Talent will get you far, innate goodness will take you further. Her sense of humor, her desire to connect with and entertain her audience, traveled time and space, over decades, to reach me today.

In all we do, the doing part is major, granted. However the way we do what we do, the motivation behind our actions, the heart’s intentions, ah there is the driving force.

Julie Andrews’ heart shines brightly in her work. I highly recommend her book Home: A Memoir of my Early Years. This book is more than one person’s story. It is a history that we all share, if only in the receiving end of her smile. One element that took me by surprise was her experiences as a child during World War II. It makes her performance in the Sound of Music all the more touching.

Enjoying another’s gift,

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