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Monday, May 2, 2016

5/2/16 RMB August McLaughlin BOAW (Beauty of a Woman) Blogfest

5/2/16 RMB August McLaughlin BOAW (Beauty of a Woman) Blogfest

Dear Rita Mae Brown,
It is time for the Beauty of a Woman Blogfest V. In its fifth year of existence bloggers join to celebrate, consider and enlighten us about the beauty of a woman. Here is my contribution.

We are empowered by beauty, in possessing it and in judging it. Beauty, being subjective, allows any individual the right to decide where beauty is found. I pose that we are all the worse for that allowance.

There is an element of all things, each moment, everyplace, and people too, that offers itself and in the offering reveals a beauty, a wonderfulness.

As we pass one another in our life’s journey, how far are we from judging the beauty of each other, to finding the beauty in everyone, and in ourselves?

A woman’s true beauty lies within, in the tone of her voice, the gentleness of her touch, and the potential of her spirit. It glows, casting its light on her life and her corner of the universe.

One must be bold to put judgement aside and look through the heart’s lens. The power in beauty judged is meager in comparison to the power of beauty recognized.

May we all be so bold,

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