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Gulf Shores
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Sunday, October 11, 2015

10/11/15 RMB Three in 2000

10/11/15 RMB Three in 2000

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Although this is the first letter of the month, I have started a new page on the blog for fictional writings and musings called Writings from Loraine.

I am about to start reading another RMB book. I have been reading them in order, however three titles have the publication date of 2000, Outfoxed, Pawing Through The Past, and Loose Lips. Which to read first is a delightful dilemma.

Today’s spare moments have been spent reading Gary Zukav’s Spiritual Partnership The Journey to Authentic Power. We travel through life picking up seeds of wisdom. Some will blossom within to be shared. Gary provides a full harvest in his work.

Do whatever you do with the best of intentions.

Be kind to yourself and that kindness will flow to others.

There is power in goodness and the deeper it is seated within, the brighter it shines through.

There are some thoughts on this warm Southern California day, still over 100 degrees in the eastern counties.

Cheers to writing and reading, growing and reaching, and air conditioners,

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