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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

12/24/14 RMB Merry Christmas Eve

12/24/14 RMB Merry Christmas Eve

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

The sun has set on this Christmas Eve. Emotions feel loud. Friends call out of the blue. Cheers and well wishes bounce about.

Some people smile more and others flip their cars in a rush get from here to there. It’s a wild and crazy time of year. Many are caught up in doing the “right” thing and others are either creating or defying traditions.

And I am here, writing, with the hopes that somewhere in these words you will find something worth reading. A conversation echo’s from earlier this year. My nephew trio conversed in the backseat and Santa entered the discussion.

“Rita is Santa.” One states matter-of-factly.

“Rita is Santa?” Another questions.

He clarifies, “Every day with Rita is like Christmas because she always brings presents.”

“Yeah, I get it.” The third confirms.

At that point I add that they are right in away. Rita the person isn’t necessarily Santa, but the goodwill that she brings forth as she gives them things, that is the makings of Santa. Furthermore, it is the same force that sends us the sunshine and the rain drops. Just as Rita brings gifts every visit, we are presented everyday with more gifts than can be counted.

By then I had lost their attention. They are young boys after all. Maybe the conversation was for me, more so than for them anyway. And now it is yours, the mystery of Santa decoded. May your days fill with his gifts through the holiday and always.

Many blessings to you,

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