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Gulf Shores
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Sunday, December 15, 2013

9-1-13 RMB Believe

9-1-13 RMB Believe
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
Today I spent a part of my Sunday meeting a friend for coffee to celebrate her birthday. I like people with September birthdays. They seem more clear headed than others. That could be my imagination, or it could have something to do with astrology. I don’t know the reasons, just the feelings I garner from my observations.
I sometimes read tarot cards for people on their birthdays. I remember once reading her cards, telling her she was going to be gathering with a group of people very soon, that she would like them and they would be good for her in their short time together. She could not identify the group, even when I described their particulars.
She called within days. She had forgotten about a class she signed up for and felt bad that she said she didn’t have a clue about what I was talking about. She said that my describing her in this group alone surprised her and added, “But I had to call you, because, as we stood around, I counted the people there and you were right about the number. Then I started to look at them and I could tell which ones you were describing. It was so neat.”
It’s not an insight that will save the world. The people there had a positive effect on her life in a fleeting way and that was all. So why? Why do we know things? Why do people come to me to hear such irrelevant details?
I often ponder those questions, when my insights seem so trivial, yet hold an impact of relevance to the subject. I’ve come to an understanding that nothing is what it seems in its solitary form. Everything is linked. Sometimes people need a tangible to grasp the ethereal. If I am “right” about this or that minor detail, then maybe, just maybe, when I tell them other things, the tangibles lend those other notions credence. When I tell them they have a powerful spirit, or help from above, or that they are connected to something greater than they can imagine and there is a reason for a certain day or event beyond our knowledge, maybe they will believe.

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