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Gulf Shores
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Saturday, December 7, 2013

8-28-14 RMB Theories

8-28-14 RMB Theories
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
Sparked by the letter about my three nephews that couldn’t get along for single second one day and how the rest of the world is in league with that behavior, as nation struggles against nation worldwide, a friend and I tossed out possible reason for the friction.
She noted the theory that everyone suffers from a “sense of lack” and limitation. Fear that there is only so much of everything causes us to fight for our own wants and needs, or else there won’t be anything left for us.
Although that matches what I see played out in the boys’ conflicts, it is not a theory I personally subscribe to, but then I am off the scale of average in a lot of ways. I voiced another theory that swings wide in the opposite direction, that we don’t really need anything, or even anyone, but I know this may be just my issues cropping up and not a theory of any relevance…In this theory we still feel an absence or a need because I think there is a place that hungers to be filled or a path that draws us to take it and that feeling of an unknown, source or destination, not sure which, pulls us.
A tug of war begins with something we can’t define and we pull and push one another, because we are here in each others’ face, a tangible entity to engage, when the whole reason for the engagement has nothing whatsoever to do with the other person…I venture to say it doesn’t even have anything to do with ourselves…but that would be speculating on something further still beyond our reach.
One thing is for sure, the answer will be found in the seeking of it, not in the disregard for the problem. Maybe reality is a better word than problem. Yes, this is our reality…and I have a problem with that.
I’d like to see us accept one another, get along, appreciate all there is to be appreciated in life, each other, nature…everything. Perhaps together we might realize that destination, or source, or whatever it is, more fully, with more clarity, with one another’s cooperation. Nah, I don’t ask for much.

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