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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

11/13/18 RMB Birthday Wish

11/13/18 RMB Birthday Wish

Dear Rita Mae Brown,
With your birthday fast approaching, I wanted to get this letter out to say Happy Birthday! I wish for you a wonderful “new” year. May it be filled with little happy surprises, companionship, and a wealth of good tidings that fill your days with joy.

Election day is passed and it is good that people are voting. Our America can be better than this, more united, more compassionate, and wise. We will get there.

The fires in California are a challenge and have left heartbreak in their wake. Survivors will rebuild or relocate, and we all mourn the loss of animals and loved ones, whether we knew them or not, it takes a toll to hear the news and our hearts go out to those effected.

The same for the other tragedies happening around the country. People are connected. Together we grieve our losses.

We also celebrate our accomplishments, our good deeds and triumphs. It is so easy to see in the eyes of one another whether we are discussing a football game or the nightly news, an invisible connection of energy, full of possibilities.

As with the old theme of good vs evil, it takes only shift for the connection to be lost and destruction to ensue. Perhaps with recognizing the connection, writing about it in a letter to a favorite author, discussing it with a friend, or just giving it a moment of thought, we can strengthen the bond. United we stand.

Celebrating with you,

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