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Gulf Shores
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Thursday, June 8, 2017

6/8/17 RMB One Challenge

6/8/17 RMB One Challenge

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Most nights of the week I watch one show, a one hour show trimmed to 40 minutes sans commercials. Our San Diego County Library system has a wide variety of movies and shows on DVD. That’s where vast majority of the videos I watch reside.

Work takes up many of my hours, commuting another one, and sleep, that gets squeezed in too.

Reading is allotted to an occasional lunch break, weekend or late-night indulgence. Audio books via my recently smarter phone accompany my meager work out. From Mythology by Edith Hamilton, to Hotspur by the one and only Rita Mae Brown, to America’s Hidden History: Untold Tales of the First Pilgrims Fighting Women and Forgotten Founders that Shaped a Nation by Kenneth C. Davis, to Summer Knight by Jim Butcher… I absorb the written words, the television shows, an occasional movie, and the bits of media and news that creep through my buffer too.

It is apparent that we are a people who enjoy a challenge. When we are not busy taking one on in our lives, we create and share them in our stories. We have been doing this since before the first written words to today.  

I continue to wonder how we can steer our nature towards a kinder sort of human being. That is one challenge we have yet to master.

Onward we go,


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