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Monday, December 12, 2016

12/12/16 RMB Writers Circle: Christmas

12/12/16 RMB Writers Circle: Christmas

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Our Writers Circle gathered yesterday to celebrate ten years of meetings and once again put pen to paper. Our ten-minute writing exercise was about the holiday and here is mine.

Christmas Trees

Cats enjoy Christmas trees, the greatest cat toy ever. Babies are in awe of their twinkling lights. Kids are enthralled about what is underneath them and whose name is on each colorful package.  

At some point, we sit back and look at the Christmas trees of our yearly holidays and we see the ornaments of yesteryear. We remember ones that are no longer here and we smile at those commemorating this year’s joys, a new baby or puppy, a graduation indicated by Snoopy with a diploma in hand, blinking brightly. 

Each tree stands for more than a holiday, it stands for a family or a feeling or a time, the past and the present. Whether it be a store-bought tree of wire painted green, or a freshly cut fern, whether it is decorated with a box of shiny red metallic balls or homemade crafts, the tree tells a story.

Sending you holiday cheer,


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