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Monday, August 29, 2016

8/23/16 RMB Afterworlds

8/23/16 RMB Afterworlds

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Yesterday I finished listening to Afterworlds by on CD by Scott Westerfeld. He crafted an interesting theory on the afterlife, alternating chapters between that world and the life of the writer who carried the reader into the new realm.

The writer becomes involved with another author, who happens to be another young woman. Subplots interweave; two love stories; one in the here and now and the other halfway in the afterworld; the adventure of writing the book for the author; and the afterworld story line of saving souls and surviving somewhere beyond this life.

I liked that the love affair between the young women was practically common. Their struggles barely touched on their own different kind of relationship, although still there, they didn’t overwhelm them. This is a YA novel. This is written for our youth.

My thanks go out to Mr. Scott Westerfeld, for another fine novel, for open mindedness, and for revealing the heart of humankind, in its many hues.


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