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Gulf Shores
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Sunday, March 13, 2016

3/13/16 RMB Remaining Words

3/13/16 RMB Remaining Words

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

On a surprisingly cool southern California day, I picked up my library request of How Full is Your Bucket for Kids, by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer, just in time to drive to the home of my nephew trio and read it to them.

The book is a bit young for their teen years, but the lesson has yet to be learned. After a day of fighting, fortunately the eldest rose above it this time, all three of them sat to hear the reading of this book. It contains an element of As You Give You Receive.

Will the words stick? Has the lesson been learned? I doubt it, not from this one encounter. This is one instance of hundreds that mount the battle in each child’s head that wages war between the choice of this or that, to do good or harm, to help or hurt, in the unfolding of their future days.

It amazes me how this man, Tom Rath, wrote words that have helped me to understand the impact of my own words. And now, he has helped me to relay the same message to three souls of importance to me.

I don’t know Tom Rath. Yet, I read his words. As with the three squabbling boys, humanity inches forward in our treatment of one another. Year after year, century after century, we carry words written in our yesterdays into our tomorrows.

The classic plot of good versus evil in our fiction, plays out in our actions daily. Here’s hoping that good wins, that the best words are the words that remain, and that we have the wisdom to continue sharing them.


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