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Gulf Shores
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Sunday, May 10, 2015

5/10/15 RMB Mother’s Day

5/10/15 RMB Mother’s Day

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Today is Mother’s Day. That is one tough job, equally challenging, whether it is a child or animal being raised. The earth itself is called Mother Earth, makes sense. The one who carries us, feeds us and is present in all our travels.

Looking around there is a subtle realization that every being has had a mother, with her influence from a past generation, and either in greater or lesser measure, there is also an influence by every other interaction, from that of fathers, relatives, friends…invisible links that connect us all, past to present to future.

Bringing light to the links that join us, there is healing and progress in that effort and its outcome. On Mother’s Day we celebrate one version of attachment. It brings good tidings to remember with gratitude, the mothers of our past and appreciate those currently in our lives.

I wonder if there could ever be a time where a reminder to appreciate someone, and the ego’s call to be appreciated, would be replaced with something more constant, a deeper, more ever present gratitude, a gratitude that carries through each day, in every link, such that one would take care of our relations with interactions of respect and kindness. That is a run on sentence, isn’t it? One can get a bit carried away with this stuff.

Mother earth tells me she looks forward to such a time. Me too. For now, all my best to all the mothers out there, from the tiny squirrels gathering breakfast for their young, to the grandmothers and great grandmothers, watching their children mother; to those past looking on from above and to those of our future who will shape the generations of their future.   

All my best,


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